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Job hunting + immigration,
one-stop service.

Cooperate with an official partner of the Canadian Government,
Find a job in Canada!

Lowest price in the market,
$1600 for CEC Immigration program.



JVS Toronto, a career service platform popular with new Canadian immigrants, teamed up with Yulun Immigration in November to offer free career guidance and assistance to international students for the first time. In addition to 1-to-1 job training, personal qualification analysis, resume modification, interview counseling, job search and screening, more industry trend seminars and employer direct promotion services are more multidimensional to help new immigrants and international students quickly connect with the Canadian job market, speed up the pace of integration.



JVS Toronto is a service based non-profit organization authorized and funded by the Canadian government to provide one-stop employment services for new immigrants. Since its inception in 1947, JVS Toronto has provided employment counseling and training services to as many as 21,000 new immigrants each year. Its nine branches provide over 400 services to meet the diverse needs of new immigrant job seekers.

Y.R. Immigration was licensed and established in 2014 aiming to help international and Canadian clients who are in need of immigration and education consultation services. We legally represent our clients with immigration services and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) applications prior to migration such as study permit, work permit, permanent resident and Canadian citizenship. While we provide all levels of services relating to immigration matters, our main focus is international entrepreneurs, skilled international workers and international students.

This one-stop job search and immigration program, jointly created by JVS Toronto and Y.R. Immigration Services, provides services for international students and more friends who are planning to emigrate to Canada. Relying on the government, employment resources and welfare of JVS, And based on the immigration major itself, Y.R. Immigration services will act as a gatekeeper at the first gate of immigration to screen jobs for job seekers, ensuring that job seekers can not only find jobs, but also score points for immigration applications.

program Advantages

Application process

1. Job hunting training 

JVS job search expert provides 1 to 1 job search training for applicants, including personal qualification analysis, resume modification, interview coaching, job search and screening, etc. Tutors provide professional interview guidance for specific professional occupations to help applicants quickly find Canadian positions that meet immigration requirements.

2. Accumulate work experience in Canada and prepare for immigration materials

Applicants have accumulated one year of work experience to meet the pool requirements of the CEC Canada Federal Fast Track Canada Experience category.

We will also customizes immigration plans for applicants while set up personal CEC file and submit application.

3.Submit CEC application and received your PR

A licensed consultant checks the reliability of all application materials; Submit CEC immigration application and follow the progress of the whole process until PR is approved. Applicants can also apply for additional visa such as bridge work permit and spousal work permit. 

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