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Y.R. Immigration was licensed and established in 2014, aiming to help international and Canadian clients who are in need of immigration and education consultation services.


We legally represent our clients with immigration services and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) applications prior to migration such as study permit, work permit, permanent resident and Canadian citizenship. While we provide all levels of services relating to immigration matters, our main focus is inter-national entrepreneurs, skilled international workers and international students.

Program Advantages

Application process

1. Risk assessment and application planning

Before signing the contract, we would like to fully understand the applicant's background. We will truthfully inform the applicant of the difficulties in each step, so that you can rest assured to sign the contract.

2.Use visitor visa to travel to Canada, study in language school for 6 months

A licensed consultant will carefully review the applicant's application materials, screen for material that may lead to a visa refusal, and assist in the application to a language school in Canada. Upon entry into Canada, applicants will complete 6 months of language school.

3. Apply for universities, get offers, and prepare visa materials

Apply for college courses that meet graduate work visa requirements; Prepare supporting documents and documents for the student visa application and submit the student visa application. The applicant will then undertake formal professional studies in Canada.

4.Apply for visas for spouse, children and other family members

While the principal applicant is studying abroad, the spouse can apply for a spousal work permit and work in Canada to earn north American income.

Children can enjoy the local public education in Canada, and through the Canadian high school results, it is easier to apply for north American colleges and universities without internal papers, without a large number of exams and remedial courses, with a lower cost to obtain a better education.

5. Apply for post-graduation work permit for the principal applicant

After graduation, we will help the main applicant applies for an open work visa and provides guidance on job hunting.

6. Apply for immigration after working for one year

After one year of employment, apply for family migration according to the current local immigration policy.

* The application fee may vary depending on the institution and programme chosen by the applicant.


** The waived application fee is the government fee levied on the applicant, and the total waived fee does not exceed CAD $1000.

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